1. Workout clothes and training shoes. You can find many articles on what workout clothes to chose. Of course, it should be as comfortable as possible. And if its looks beautiful, that would be an extra advantage. Trust me, nothing motivates you to exercising better than bright-coloured and beautiful workout clothes. Do not forget to grab shower slippers.
  2. Sports accessories. Gloves, for example, will protect your hands from calluses when working with sports equipment and gym machines. It is unlikely you’ll need professional accessories for the first time, but still we will name them: weightlifting belt, straps, knee bandage, bench press shirt.
  3. Towel. You will realize that having a towel at hand is a good idea as soon as you start training. It will help you to wipe off sweat, it is also good practice to use towels on gym machines where you need to lie down on your back. A small towel can also be wrapped around the bar so that it does not press so hard and make the process more hygienic.
  4. A bottle of water or a shaker. Always bring water to your workouts. Small 0.5-litres bottle will be hardly enough. If your training includes strength training routine and long cardio, then 1 L bottle of non-carbonated water would be good. In a shaker which you can buy in specialized online stores you can bring protein shakes, dissolved weight gainers, L-carnitine or energy drinks. On the other hand, any of these drinks you can buy in the club: here they will always serve new items which are made using an electric shaker. Its advantages are: it blends perfectly making a smoothie-like texture of a drink without sediments.
  5. Music player. Bring along your player or your phone where you can listen to music or watch your favourite TV series while cycling on a stationary bike or using elliptical machine. This will make the process more enjoyable, and you won’t notice as the tough training will be over.
  6. Shower set. In our fitness club, you can take a comforting warm shower right after the workout, so bring a towel, shower slippers, shampoos, shower gels – everything you usually need.
  7. Sauna swimsuit. Each dressing room of our facilities has sauna where you can relax after an intense training. A swimsuit is mandatory.

Should you have any questions, call us at the phone numbers found on our website and our managers will consult you and register for the first workout session. Looking forward to seeing you at our fitness club!