Pilates incorporates stretching and floor exercises. And without comfortable clothing many of them would be hard to master. Your workout wear should be tight and should not hamper your movements. As a rule, Pilates clothing is made of a cotton, spandex and nylon blend. Breathable and stretchy fabrics are a good choice. A “Clothes for yoga” sections in the store is what you need.

When choosing a T-shirt or Pilates, make sure it fits tight enough and is free from extra details that will discomfort you when you exercise lying on your back. Also, avoid low neckline.

Pilates pants or shorts should also fit tight. Their length may vary. Baggy pants are best save for jogging. Of course, when choosing attire, your body shape and size should be considered. If you don’t feel comfortable in leggings, shorts will be a good option, just make sure they are of decent length, mid-thigh or so.

Comfortable underwear is often overlooked until you get to the middle of the first Pilates session, when a seemingly supporting bra turns out to be very uncomfortable. In fact, many women realize that metal wires and fasteners can hurt during certain floor exercise movements. Sports bra would be the best choice. It is soft and provides good support due to its width, and it is free from any extra details and hooks.

Pilates is usually done barefoot, so there is no need to buy new shoes. However, if you use a public mat, it is recommended to wear socks for hygiene reasons.

All these rules apply to both to women and men. Men are also recommended to wear cycling shorts, running leggings, comfortable tight shorts. Tight shirts or t-shirts would be the best option.