In fitness, everything is possible if you have a desire and persistence. Lean body is about ongoing and hard work to improve yourself, yet nevertheless, getting a desired body is achievable. Any body part of your body, including legs, will look lean if you have these two components – certain amount of muscle mass and minimum amount of subcutaneous fat. If you have been exercising long enough and feel that you have enough muscles in your legs, but you can’t see muscle definition, it’s time to think about switching to a stricter diet. Not only your legs will become leaner – the whole body will get good muscle definition.

Of course, the diet should be well-balanced in terms of proteins, carbs and fats, and the should be in proportion 60%-30%-10% respectively. Reducing carbs and fats will make your body use its own reserves to maintain its functioning and endurance during training, instead of taking them from the energy supplied with foods. With such diet, you will not only get rid of excessive water and fat, the muscles themselves become drier and denser.

The second component for lean legs is training. Aerobic training is effective in reducing excessive fat reserves. Do 10-20-minute running before strength training, jump rope between sets, use stationary bike or elliptical trainer after a workout. Aerobic exercises which make you sweat well speed up your metabolism and lipolysis, which is very important for effective weight loss and which can slow down when on a diet.

Said that, weekly workouts should involve complex workouts. They should include both high rep circuit training and heavy weight basic exercises that will help keep muscles which can reduce due on a low-carb diet.

Often, during such cutting period trainers allow the so-called cheat-meal – once a week and before 4 p.m. This is one meal when you can eat everything you want – even pizza. This helps to speed up metabolism, relieve irritation from dissatisfaction with the strict dieting, because the mental state is also very important in achieving a result. Knowing that once a week you can eat your favourite meal (in reasonable quantities, of course), will make dieting easier.

We have described the main points of how to make your legs and the whole body leaner. However, do not expect the result to come fast. Although, with a good diet and aerobic exercises the first result can be seen as soon as in the first days, a week later the process will slow down significantly. Depending on your goals, you will have to keep with this regime for one to three months.