Fitness days are 20 master-classes by leading international and Ukrainian fitness gurus. For 2 days they will be sharing their unique experience, talk about latest trends in fitness industry, arrange fun and involving training sessions.


The program includes 20 master-classes and 10 workshops for all fitness fans – from amateurs to top athletes, divided in 2 concurrent groups.


  • David Klimov – one of the authors of the standardized program Be More Human by Reebok, the leader of Cycle and Functional training seminars in Russia and abroad, creator of the author’s programs on Cycle (Cycle Generation) and Pump (Power Generation), Cycle coach with MASTER category.
  • Valeria Ivashchenko – personal gym instructor, aerobics instructor, author of the Healthy Back rehabilitation program, author of the Body Revolution fitness project.
  • Dmitry Ponomarenko – “Master” Fitness and Dance Academy instructor, specializes on training instructors in: Functional training, Interval training, Tae-bo, Gym Instructor, TRX, Cycle, Sculpt (group program).
  • Alyona Telish – founder of “Master” Fitness and Dance Academy.
  • Natalya Poliakova – Kangoo Jumps international instructor.
  • Olga Smielkova – specializes in training group fitness instructors. Versatile group fitness and a personal gym instructor with the “Master” category with over 12-year experience in fitness industry.
  • Valentyna Rudenko – instructor and a certified specialist, a master-class leader at Fitness Factory – Kyiv fitness school, and the winner of the young fitness presenter contest at the Seasons international fitness convention.
  • Polina Savchenko – the winner of the presenter contest in “aerobics and step” within the ProFit Convention 2016, the winner of the presenter contest in “aerobic dance” within the SportLife Stage Championship 2016, personal instructor, fitness instructor, versatile group instructor at Sport Life chain of fitness clubs. Certified specialist in: aerobics, Step PRO, functional training, PortDeBras, Stretching.
  • Mikhail Katashev – Methodist at “Master” Fitness and Dance Academy and a certified group fitness instructor.
  • Tala Polianska – official representative of the bodyART™ and deepWORK™ programs in Ukraine, project manager for the United Fitness Team.
  • Kateryna Sharifova – group fitness instructor, certified specialist in Pilates and Step, strength training, the Winner of Ukrainian and International Belly Dance Championships.
  • Aleksandr Smirnov – a graduate of the educational centre of the Academy of Fitness. Specializes in strength training, functional training, TABATA, Pump it up, Stretching, WORKOUT with traditional and non-traditional equipment.
  • Maria Skorchenko


  • David Klimov – Functional Training
  • David Klimov – Tae-bo
  • David Klimov – Trekking
  • David Klimov – Circuit training
  • Dmitry Ponomarenko – TRX
  • Dmitry Ponomarenko – Functional Tae-bo
  • Alyona Telish – Power stretch (with the ball)
  • Tala Polianska – bodyART™
  • Alyona Telish – Hip Hop (aerobic dance) – dance fitness
  • Aleksandr Smirnov – Tabata

Workshops by David Klimov

December 2, 12:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. / Functional training and basic theory

Functional training basic theory: principles, advantages, how to choose exercises, how to modify exercises, how to design training blocks, how to structure a session

December 2, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. / Tae-bo

Training session algorithm, basic elements (positions, moves, punches), combo making principles.

December 3, 9:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m. / Trekking in the gym

Program theory: advantages, calculating personal speed (set point) for running and walking, the program’s key elements, designing of various types of sessions, types of trainings using treadmills.

December 3, 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. / Circuit training

Basic principles of circuit training, types, circuit session methods.


Master-classes are grouped into thematic blocks to allow participants to schedule and pick desired classes to attend.

  • Step/Aero
  • Mind body
  • Dance Hall
  • Functional+Tae-bo


5 packages for different fitness levels are available for participants:


Package 1: 1 block of master-classes (optional)

Participation fee paid before December 1: 500 UAH

Participation fee paid on the day of the event: 600 UAH


Package 2: 2 blocks of master-classes (optional)

Participation fee paid before December 1: 950 UAH

Participation fee paid on the day of the event: 1000 UAH


Package 3: 1 master-class from any block (optional)

Participation fee: 250 UAH

Package 4: workshops by David Klimov

Duration: 3 hours

Participation fee paid before December 1: 600 UAH

Participation fee paid on the day of the event: 700 UAH


Package 5: workshops by Dmitry Ponomarenko, Alyona Telish, Tala Polianska, Aleksandr Smirnov

Duration: 3 hours

Participation fee paid before December 1: 500 UAH

Participation fee paid on the day of the event: 600 UAH