The key factor when performing this workout to do each exercise in a flowing manner! Take at least 8 seconds and do at least 3 sets of each exercise. Make sure you finish stretching one muscle, and only then proceed to the next one!

The program is presented by the BodyArt fitness director and top instructor Valeria Ivashchenko.

Spinal cord stretching. Legs and the back form one line, pelvis is fixed and stable. Arms are extended overhead. Do not lean to the sides. The key point of the exercise is to create space between the vertebrae and stretch the spine.

Mid back. Put you feet shoulder joints-width apart, put your hands on your front thigh.  As you inhale, round your back as much as you can. As you exhale, return to the starting position.

Mid back stretching. Stand on all fours. Put your hands shoulder-width apart. Keep you back straight. As you inhale, round your back as much as you can. On the exhale, return to the starting position.

Chest stretching. Extend your arms to side. As you inhale, try to bring your shoulder blades as close to each other as possible, as you exhale, return to the starting position.

Shoulder stretching. Extend one arm straight parallel to the chest line. Do not twist your spine! With your free hand, press down on your elbow to help to stretch your shoulder muscles.  Perform three sets and switch arms.

Back stretching. Sit of the floor. Keep your back straight. Put your arm behind your back. Slightly arch your back (as you inhale). Lock your fingers and stretch your hands forward on the exhale.

Hamstrings stretching. Sit of the floor. Extend your legs forward. Grab your feet with your hands. At inhale, lower your body to your thighs as much as possible. Do not bend your knees!

Inner thigh stretching Bring your feet together. Put your hands on your knees. Back is rounded. As you inhale, press down your thighs with your hands, pushing them to the sides as much as possible. Relax as you exhale. This exercise resembles a butterfly flying.

To enhance the load. Extend one leg forward, place the foot of your other leg on the thigh of the extended leg. At an inhale, press down your bent leg with your hand trying to lower it to the floor as much as possible.

Outer thigh stretching. Place your one hand on the floor behind your back. Extend the opposite leg forward. Place the other half-bent leg over the extended leg. Keep your back straight. Twist helping yourself with your elbow (as you inhale). Use your elbow to press on the side of your knee to stretch the hips as much as possible.

Abs stretching. In lying position extend your arms over your head. Reach with you hands and feet to opposite directions as much as you can while inhaling, and relax as you exhale.

Source: Domashny ochag