What’s the deal?

The Body Revolution fitness program has been developed by the leading BodyArt fitness instructors. It helps achieving great weight loss results in a short time without jeopardizing health, improve problem body parts, recharge with the energy and improve the overall well-being!

Six weeks of intensive individual and group training sessions, custom meal plan, control and advice from professional instructors and support from other participants – all these will help you change your body and your lifestyle. We bet you will like it!

Who may benefit?

  • those willing to lose weight in a healthy manner and in a short time with the help of exercises, proper diet and recommendations from a professional trainer;
  • those willing to tone up their body quickly and effectively for the new season, make it leaner and shape up displeasing body parts;
  • those willing to bring a “revolution” to their lives and become healthier, more energetic and more successful!

The program includes

  • 3 group training sessions per week of different workout formats – strength, aerobic, circuit, interval, mixed, dance and functional trainings;
  • 1 personal session per week;
  • “food diary” designed by the instructor individually for each client;
  • sauna and tea party once a week (6 sauna visits and tea rituals during the project);
  • an option to attend BodyArt fitness during the project;
  • an opportunity to win a BodyArt fitness 3, 6 and 12 month membership!

Who leads the project?

Workouts are lead by BodyArt fitness top instructors qualified in physical education and sports, recreation therapy and nutrition. Each project participant will have a personal trainer who designs a custom workout and diet plan, as well as guides the client on his or her results and gives some advice throughout the project.

Participation fee

  • paid before 12.10 – 2900 UAH,
  • paid before from 13.10 til 20.10 – 3400 UAH,
  • paid before from 21.10 til 30.10 – 3900 UAH.

For registration and details please dial

067 234 37 47.