Why do you need snacks? Basically, in order to avoid the “wolf” feeling of hunger after a long interval between meals, which, in turn, leads to large portions with high calories. In addition, snacks can reduce the consumption of calories for assimilation of what is eaten, which is the mechanism of processing, digestion, movement and assimilation of food, which is triggered every time a person eats something, which requires a large energy expenditure from the body. ⠀

So, snacks are a good idea. But please note:

  • Snacks must be healthy! In the first half of the day, it can be complex carbohydrates: fruits, berries, bread, dried fruits, fruit and vegetable smoothies, granola, muesli, hummus, corn cob. If you like bread sandwiches, then choose whole-grain and yeast-free.
  • In the afternoon – protein and fiber. For example, cheese, egg, non-starchy vegetables such as cabbage, cucumber, sweet pepper, various salads and others. Fermented milk products without additives – acidophilus, milk, kefir, fermented milk.

It is necessary to learn how to plan meals, choose the proper snack, which should not be pastries and sweets, but healthy and proper food. These snacks that not only take place, but are definitely necessary in your diet.