From December 6, 2021, Kiev will enter the “yellow zone”.

The restrictions do not apply if all staff and visitors have one of the following documents:

  • yellow COVID certificate of receipt of one dose of vaccine or paper certificate 063-О (valid for 30 days);
  • green COVID certificate of full vaccination against coronavirus (valid for 365 days);
  • international vaccination certificate (valid for 365 days);
  • foreign certificate of vaccination with drugs authorized by WHO (valid for 365 days);
  • negative result of PCR or express test (valid for 72 hours);
  • COVID-19 recovery certificate (valid for 105 days).





On November 1, Kiev will move to the “Red zone”. All our employees are vaccinated and we continue to work!

On October 19, Kiev moved to the “orange zone”.

On September 20, Kyiv was transition to the yellow zone according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.1236 dated September 20, 2021.

Yellow zone restrictions include:

  • occupancy of gyms and fitness centers – no more than 1 person per 10 square meters of the total room space;
  • group activities are held only by prior appointment.

Restrictions will not apply if more than 80% of the staff and 100% of the visitors have yellow or green COVID Certificates. That is why we took care of our staff vaccination beforehand. However, these requirements also apply to each visitor.

While the “red” level of epidemic danger is in place, all employees of our club and all visitors, except for persons under 18, must have a valid green COVID Certificate (full vaccination), which will allow us to continue work of our fitness club.

We would like you to submit your green COVID Certificate via Diia application (or another) or in hard copy to our administrators/managers so we could plan the work of our club during a potential “red” level of epidemic danger.

It is sufficient to present a vaccination passport just once – and the administrator will make an entry in the database of our club for further visits.

If there is no vaccination, we can suspend the client’s card for 1 month so that you can safely get vaccinated and return to training.

You can find more information about the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at

Thank you for your understanding,
stay healthy and see you at BODYART / FITNESS.

With respect and care about you